Monday, October 21, 2013

Senior Citizens

I love old people! I truly do. For some reason I feel even more comfortable with older folks than people my own age. Am I weird? Probably but it's fun being different. 
 A few months ago my Daddy called me and asked me to go with him to his 50th class reunion this Friday and Saturday night. I was thrilled that he'd think of me!  My daddy never asks me to go anywhere like that so I was excited at the prospects of being able to go do something with him.... Being in a room full of strangers is not really my thing but I was just happy to get to go and learn a little history about that time and erra. As you all know, I love vintage.(insert a smile and wink here)
 I have never heard so many "it's so good to you's" and you haven't changed a bits( ahem) in my life.
I am the kind of girl that likes to find a corner and sit there and observe. Older people intrigue me. Serval kind ladies even let me ask questions about their  past and of course I had to ask about their dresses! They kinda chuckled when I mentioned vintage dresses and patterns! 
In some ways I came away from there feeling sad. Sad as I looked at all those dear faces with wrinkles glasses,grey hair( some with no hair) dentures and plastic pieces. I left there thinking "won't be long I am heading there myself". It made my heart take a dip. Then I got to thinking about how cheerful they all least if I can pocess that I will be okay about embracing age .Cause to me there's nothing worse than an old crabby person.
This is me and Daddy.

One of Daddy's friends

My daddy pointed this guy out and told about the time they were in the 7th grade and how this nice looking old man and friend( not pictured) knocked his legs out from under him in line in the hallway. I was like" well daddy ,it looks like he's turned into a nice citizen". My said ,"oh he's a nice man now". So I had to make sure I got their picture together!

This lady was voted the class Queen: her name was Prudy Powell ,a name that always fascinated me when I was a little girl and would look at Daddy's yearbooks.She still is lovely!

This lady is a beautiful soul. Her name is Sharon Thornhill. She has cancer. I took her by the hand and looked her in the eyes and told her"you are beautiful "! Truly a beautiful soul. She is fighting for her life, would you join in prayer for her healing? God is able!

So how was your weekend?

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  1. What a great evening. I would really enjoy something like that. So nice of your dad to bring you along and you to join him. That generation is the best. I think if I could pick my era or generation, it would be this one!