Friday, March 28, 2014


Last Friday was my brother Josh's birthday. Remember when I blogged about Josh's accident? And how he injured his back? He got his back brace off on his birthday. I can't call him turtle man no more! 
 He and his wife Emilie dropped in on their way back from the doctor. I got to snuggle with this sweet little guy for a while. 
 " Baby Jake " I hope you forgive me wrapping you in a pink blanket, but it was the closest one handy at the moment. Happy Friday ya'll!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Vintage Inspired Thursday

Hello again!
Is your week flying by too? Today I'm sharing this cute sugar pink dress that I bought off of Etsy a few weeks ago. I like the spring colors. I'm trying to add a little more " pink" to my wardrobe ,as it is such a soothing color. Don't you agree pink is quite the girlie color?
 I was going to wear this to a wedding at our church this past Saturday but it turned out I wasn't able to go.:( So instead I painted my white picket fence. Don't you think the white speckles on my legs compliment  my pretty dress? ( insert a mischievous grin here) :) 

Dress/ etsy
Shoes/ Dillard's 
Belt/ thrifted

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Welcome spring!

Hello on the first day of Spring!
 I've been enjoying the cool Spring breezes and soaking in some sunshine. My source of vitamin D. 
 After taking the children out today everyone is ready for naps. They all burned off some energy running and playing in the back yard so maybe, just maybe they will sleep peacefully today...
  Hello Spring!


Thursday, March 13, 2014


Last Friday my little Hankabuns was sick. This is how he looked. Pitiful for sure.
This week he's feeling better much to his Mammy's delight. Yesterday he was sitting on the floor playing sweetly and as I passed by he looked up at me grinned. That grin could stop a clock watch I'm telling you. He was so cute and being so sweet that I couldn't resist scooping him up and giving him some sugars. So as I proceed to to do that I notice something very vile and gross coming up his back all the way up to his neck. Oh yuck Hank! Bath time for you Buddy! I put the little messy fella in the tub and he came out smelling like the sweet baby he is. Uh oh no extra clothes in his bag! Is it time to break out the baby boy stash of clothes that mammy owns? So just look at this darling boy! That jumpsuit might be a little high water, Sshhh,we'll never tell!

See? I told you he was handsome! Of course he is! He's Mammy's Baby Bird that's why! Mammy lubs her Hankabunny,yes she does!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

My Daddy

Monday we helped Daddy celebrate his 69th birthday. 
 Most of his children ( but two) were able to be with him on his special day. My brother John grilled burgers and yours truly made the 3 layer vanilla cake with choclate frosting. We all gathered at my Grandmothers. 
 As a child growing up, I vividly remember being extremely closer to my Mother than I was to Dad. Now that Mom has gone to glory I can truly say that Dad and I have become closer over the years. He is a sweet gentle man and I love this man I call Daddy.

Me, Daddy and Anna ( my sister)

And this is my darling niece Haven Today. I love her too. Isn't her eyes amazing?

Monday, March 10, 2014

Banquet, tears and smiles

This past Saturday our church held a banquet for our youth. It's for ages 12 and up ( til married). Anyway, it was Katherine's first year to attend and boy was she excited. 
 I had told both my girls that this year instead of pouffy dresses we were going to stick to something a little more serviceable and something they could wear again to Sunday-go-to- meeting.( ummhmm yeah right!) they both plead for dresses that neither one will probably never wear again. Well I take that back, Angel will wear hers again for her sweet sixteen birthday party coming up in May.
 And hair? Again Angel is competent to do her own. Katherine? The struggles and toils and tears to get those blasted locks just right. Oh it was not a pretty sound that was coming from the Coleman's I'm a tellin ya. Finally their Daddy got them in the truck and took them out to the church and Mama sank wearily down to enjoy the peace and Quiet. And that my friends is how I spent my Saturday.

My three favorite people in the world.

Katherine and Kami

Today is my precious Daddy's birthday. We are going out to my Grandmothers tonight and help him celebrate with hamburgers and homemade vanilla cake with choclate icing.