Monday, June 30, 2014

Little princess

Last Friday night some ladies from our church and my sister along with all our girls (whew that was a mouth full!) went to Shreveport to see a play " The Little Princess". We enjoyed it immensely. 
 After the play we went to Barnes and Noble to get a coffee and browse the books. I love going to bookstores with the coffee caf├ęs. They smell delicious. I wish that Public Library's had a little coffee shop inside for their patrons. Wouldn't that be lovely? Does your library offer anything like that? We had a nice evening and made some good memories.:)

 My two girls and my nieces. ( best cousins friends )

  That's my sister on the very right end. Do we favor?

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Katherine's vintage style dress

Hello everyone!
 Today it's Katherine ( my youngest) who will be showing you her sweet frock.
 This child is super picky. So when she approached me about ordering this little dress from Lands End I was thrilled! I asked her before we placed the order," now are you SURE going to wear this dress"? Cause we have so many little dresses that she insists she WILL wear that just sadly never gets worn"like" NEVER! But this little dress? I can't make her take it off! And to top it off? It's so vintage looking! So Mama's happy, and most importantly so is Katherine! And you know what? I think I might order her a few more!:)

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Vintage inspired Thursday

Hello everyone!
Today I'd like to share with you my new dress made by Its Sew Monica. 
 She did an excellent job. Monica is a seamstress that lives here in our little town. It's so nice to have a creative person of arts living in your own hometown.:) and to top it off, she is so sweet too.:)

    I've got another dress made on this same pattern that I'll be sharing next week. Don't you just love the pockets? Made from a vintage handkerchief that I found at an Estate sale.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Father's Day

I didn't get to see my Dad or spend time with him yesterday since daddy is a traveling preacher and preaches about 3 hours away each week, well it's kind of hard to see him on Sundays.:( 
 So the girls and I celebrated with Ben instead. I think he kinda liked it.( wink wink)
 Every year for Father's Day no matter what, it's my tradition to buy Ben a new pair of pants and shirt and then what ever else he might want ( as long as it doesn't break the bank:)) this year he wanted something called a go- pro which is slightly out of my price range. For those of you who might be wondering what a go- pro is, it's a fancy little device like a vidio camera that you can wear on your head like when you are four wheeler riding or ect. A guy thing for sure. Insert another wink there....
 So since the price of the go pro is out of my budget I gave Ben half of the amount and let him match the rest. So I think we are all happy.
 After church we took Ben to his favorite chicken place. And trust me if it wasn't for the fact that it's Ben's favorite place and all I certainly wouldn't choose to go there. But when you love someone it's not about you, right? So I endured and it wasn't too bad I suppose.
 After lunch we went to the Bestbuy store and wandered around for a while and after that we went to my Sisters house to visit and have homemade ice cream. I think Ben had a very happy Father's Day.

At Canes=1 happy man

Happy Father's Day to all you daddy's out there!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Vintage inspired Thursday

Hello everyone!
Today I'd like to introduce to ya'll the best seamstress extraordinaire that makes vintage clothes fit like a dream.
 This lady's talent is beyond amazing. She can cut down the size of the pattern to make it fit perfectly  which was the case with this particular pattern.
 The best part? I get to go to church with her and call her my friend! I'm beyond thrilled with how this darling 1940 pattern turned out!
So without further adieu lets get on to the pictures of this lovely creation. ( the dress not me:) )
  I present to you ....Elisabeth Mitchell, one of the best seamstresses in the world! Isn't she gorgeous?
  I love her and she is very dear to my heart.



 Didn't she do a remarkable job? I think so too! Thank you sooooo much dear lady for making this for me! I can't say it enough how much I love it.
 Ya'll have a good Thursday and please come back to visit! Till next time, Merry 
Dress: made by Elisabeth Mitchell 
Purse: antique store
Shoes: consignment store