Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Celebrating 12 years with Katherine

Twelve years ago today we were blessed with a beautiful dark haired  baby girl.
Lidda Katherine Coleman has made our family even better by being her sweet self. 
Sometimes she can be a tad bit stubborn  (wonder who she gets that from?) which I am constantly reminding her that she can use the stubbornness for her good. Then we could liken that to determination which sounds a little nicer doesn't it? 
Our Lidda Katherine has a very giving heart. She would rather buy for others than herself. I love that she has this quality. 
I always ask each of my girls what they want for their birthday breakfast and this year she requested blueberry muffins and sausage. She looked adorable this morning sitting there all sleepy eyed nibbling on breakfast!

I got to choose her name 12 years ago. She was named after my two favorite people in the world. Lidda after my grandmother and Katherine after my mom. Something I have never regretted!
So today is your day my dear Katherine!
Mama loves you ever so much! And may the Holy Spirit fill you with his love! Amen, and love, Mama.

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