Monday, October 14, 2013

A pocketful of puppies

I am a big sap when it comes to animals. Always have been and always will. That's just the way I was made I figure. Ever since I can remember I have loved em. When I was a little girl and after  I'd get in trouble you could find me sitting outside singing and rocking singing a senseless little song I made up. Dolly was my first dog that I can remember and anyway I would gather her long ears up( I think she must have had dachshund in her) into what to me looked like a pony tail. I'd sing a little song I made up " wrappy bye" poor little dog having to suffer that kind of abuse, but she didn't ever seem to mind. She always loved me through thick and thin.
I have had quite a few dogs throughout my life and they are all special and hold special memories in my heart.If you asked me to choose which one was/is my favorite would be like choosing my favorite child and I can't do that! Each one is unique.
 Currently I have 4 puppy loves. As you can see we are quite happy!

One thing that really bothers me this time of year is all the deer killing pictures that people post on Facebook. Now for all you big mighty hunters out there don't be getting upset with the way I feel. I can't help it I just don't think it's a pretty sight that's all. And I will eat it if it's dead and all that, in fact my Ben killed one last year. I just can't stand the thought of killing anything and so I apologize if I sound rude but I guess you will have to talk to my Creator cause that's just the way I am made!
Love ya'll and happy Monday!
Happy birthday to my little dog Stella today!1 year old. More on how I came to get her.... A story for another day.....


  1. Your little puppies are the absolute sweetest!!! Cute!!

  2. Merry~I am made that way too!Thank you for your sweet comment when my Angel passed away! Oh my that was so hard!BUT~Since then I have adopted a beautiful little Dachshund puppy,that we named Maggie May! You and your dogs are beautiful! :)
    I LOVE reading your blog!