Friday, October 25, 2013


I adore both my girls. They are both special to me in their unique way.
 Lately Angel and I have become even closer as she approaches her 16th birthday. She is becoming my buddy. 
I am an early riser, getting up at 4 a.m most mornings. My schedule kinda looks like this..... Get up, stumble into the kitchen , let the dogs out, put on a pot of coffee, after 3 cups, or more, I am awake enough to start my devotions, I sit and enjoy my quiet time before it's time to wake my family for breakfast. After I get Ben fed and out the door for work, I take that time to go running before my babies start coming in.... The other day Angel asked if she could join me. She has been getting up early now for a few weeks and going with me. I really enjoy our times together. She is real trooper.
  Have a wonderful Friday and have a blessed day!

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