Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Learning to skate

Katherine has been enjoying the beginning of summer. Enjoying learning how to skate. 
 She's still not very steady and has to sometimes have the assistance of her sister or me to give her a steady hand. Most the time she can somewhat stagger down our street without us. She is so very determined that I know she'll get the hang of it! I'm quite proud of my girl!
 This week ( tomorrow )our whole family will head to Texas for our church family camp. So if I get the chance I'll blog from there. If not, I'll be back next week.:)

Friday, May 23, 2014

A bad day

A few days ago I organized all my vintage patterns and boxed them up and set it on the couch. I was planning on storing the box under my bed( where a gazillion other things are) but somehow I got a little distracted as the little Birds started arriving. The box had a lid ( snapped firmly in place) baby proof right? Wrong!
 Lunchtime came, I fed them, cleaned them up, and sit down to eat my own lunch. When I hear the sound of paper being torn.... Well around here when you hear the sound of tearing paper it causes my ears to be a little alarmed. So I quickly jump up to investigate. To my horror serval of the baby birds are happily tearing my vintage patterns to shreds.  My temper was sparked. I'm ashamed to say I did some very loud communication. I marched the culprits to the corner and proceeded to to rant about meddlesome children. I happened to glance over at my oldest little Bird and the poor little guy,his eyes were as big as saucers. I'm sure he was wondering what had got into Mammy. It took me a few minutes to cool down but it is safe to say that no one went home with bruised bottoms.:) 
 It was a day that I went running to my Heavenly Father begging for forgiveness for attitude. Thank The Lord for clean slates. It's a new day. Hopefully today will be better.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Denim and Stripes

Hi there! It's Angel here today, my mom will be back tomorrow! Today's post will be short and sweet. Down below are pictures that my mom took a few days ago. They were actually taken right before we left to go to a party, so it was sort of rushed. The top I'm wearing is from Goodwill, and the skirt is from Cato's. I usually wear jean skirts throughout the week, everyday because they are comfortable and causal. 



Monday, May 19, 2014

Fly away home

Good Monday morning friends!
 Today's outfit post is all about airplanes. Made by Ms. Nancy of Hodge Podge Paisley by Nancy.
  I saw this particular fabric and just thought I had to have it! Ms.Nancy is such a talented lady for sure.
  It turned  from imagining to reality. Just perfection for my vintage loving heart! 
  Have you ever wanted to meet someone that you correspond with? Well Ms. Nancy is a lady I'd imagine I'd like to meet. I think it would be  awesome to meet this facinating lady that helps keep me in my darling vintage clothes. In fact she did such an outstanding job on this blouse that Katherine is now begging for one too! So Ms.Nancy if Katherine saves her money would you mind fashioning another one? 

Blouse/ Hodge Podge Paisley by Nancy
Skirt/ thrifted
Hat/ etsy
Shoes / Dillard's 

Friday, May 16, 2014

Mother's Day ( a few days late in the posting)

My heart is full this morning. Full of all things good.
For Mother's Day Hank's mama brought me a wrapped package and the darlingest card. Inside my package was the loveliest vintage tea towels. She knows my love and weakness for all things vintage.
 This lady is very special to my heart. Not only am I blessed to be able to take care of Hankabuns I get to have a beautiful friendship with this precious lady. I love her ( as I'm sure everyone who meets and knows her feels the same.) 

I loved every one of them but for some reason my favorite out of them all was a plain one with the name Bertha embroidered across it. Don't you just wonder who Bertha was? What did she look like? What did she do in life? I always like to think about stuff like that. Don't worry Bertha I'm taking good care of your tea towel and I love it very much! I also adore the lady who gave it to me!

  Love each and everyone of you and happy Friday y'all !

Friday, May 9, 2014

Angel's outfit (simular to mine)

Here's the post I promised you the other day.:) Remember when I told you that Angel and I wore clothes clothes that matched in color for church? Here's her pictures today.:) 

Happy Friday ya'll! I'm headed back to Mississippi to throw my Grammy a surprise birthday party.
She's 80 years old today.
Angel's sweater/ gifted/ banana republic 
Skirt/ goodwill 
Necklace / initial outfitters 
Shoes/ ( can't really see those!) gifted

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Day at the lake

The day was very windy when we took these.:) but it was still fun. 
 I love water, but mostly from land. It's so beautiful and peaceful to look at. Underwater life gives me the heebies jeebies though. Something about all those little water creatures brushing up next to you....it's enough to make one shudder! Especially the idea of getting on a water moccasin. So it's better for a girl like me to hug up to dry land.
 What about you? Do you like sea creatures? Do you like snakes? Don't worry. Even if you do I'll still be your friend!

Hat/ antique store
Shirt/ Ralph Lauren / thrifted
Skirt/ banana republic 
Shoes/ Goodwill 

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Happy birthday to Angel!

Sixteen years ago today I was given the sweetest Angel straight from heaven above. 
 She has grown into this sweet little lady that she now is. She's truly one of my dearest little companion. I'm so blessed to have not one but two daughters. 
 Angel is a very sensitive girl and loves to write stories. Her imagination is really remarkable. It always astounds me with what she can come up with. I think her love for writing stories come from the love of reading. Which I think she must have inherited from me.(wink) 
 Angel darling, Mama loves you with all my heart! Happy birthday dear one. 
 We had her sixteenth birthday party out at the lake. What wonderful memories.

 Angel and friends: