Friday, October 18, 2013

Love one Another

One of the things that I am constantly preaching to my children is to "be kinder than necessary ". Sometimes this is hard. Yes I even struggle with this.
Yesterday I hear this big ruckus of " he took my toy!" So I pause what I am doing to see what is going on. This is evidence of the crime scene:

These two little fellas were very distraught over who was to get both of them.So the noise goes up a notch as they both think each of theirselves need one for each hand. Keep in mind they are not making the most happy noise either.
So I step in to their conversation and using my best Michelle Duggar imitation , I say ,"now boys lets not fight over the toys!"After this continues for a couple more time my ears are becoming a little more this is what happens when you fight at Mammy's .....both offenders have to sit for a few minutes and hug one another. 

And here they are all happy now and getting along so much sweeter.

They have there toys back and they are some happy boys! You may not can see the toy Maddox is holding but don't worry he's got it! So they all lived happily ever after the rest of the day.

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  1. The fact that they have to sit together and hug is so cute and such a creative way to solve an argument! I laughed when you said you used your Michelle Duggar voice, I love the Duggar family :)