Friday, April 25, 2014

Visit to the Delta

Howdy howdy hi!
Today I'm sharing my Easter trip to my Grammy's. My Grammy lives in heart of the Delta in town called Greenville Ms.About 50 miles from Greenwood Miississippi where the film "The Help" was made. ( and no I have never watched that particular movie) 
 Did you know that I was born in the Delta? So technically I'm a Southern Girl through and through.
 All my Aunties live either next door to Grammy or at least in the same town.
 While there on our visit I treated my two Aunts to a pedi. I tried to get my Grammy to have one too but she wouldn't hear of it. However she did go along to watch.
   Aunt Charlotte

           Aunt Rita
  Easter morning my sister and I went to church with Grammy. She attends a Church of God of Prophesy and mostly older crinkly ladies who are just the cutest things go to church there.
There's not hardly any young sprouts. So all the seniors really loved seeing Savannah and Zander hunting for eggs!
   Grammy and Savannah on the hunt for eggs.

 This sweet little crinkly lady just makes me smile. She even sang a special song for the congregation that morning and bless her ,she really can't sing but she sure puts her heart into it and seems to be so genuine.
  Isn't she the cutest?!
 Some more of the little old folks
Let me tell you, these sweet souls can cook! Southern cuisine at its finest! I always look forward to their dinners after church cause I know I'm in for a treat!


   Grammy Savannah and my sister Nan
We had such a nice Easter! I hope you did as well!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


This past Friday being Good Friday and all, I had the day off. I really enjoyed my day. I treasure the moments I get to spend with friends. I rarely get to meet these sweet people and do lunch together, like when we were younger it did seem like we were able to do that more often. So now when we get the chance it makes it even more special!

Five little Kiddos got to come too! Aren't they the cutest?

 We ate lunch at Cheddars and they make a pretty mean Monte christo.


    Baby Janayah


 After lunch, we went to Hobby Lobby and tried to shop, not an easy thing to do with lively children in tow! There was a sofa there that I totally love! I had Savannah and Kayliegh to try it out for me.:)


Savannah found a little chair to match.
 And then I had Tyra, Ruth and Nan try the sofa out too!

Then we went to the park to let the rowdy little children burn off some extreme energy.
While us grown folks held down the park benches.
 After the park everyone thought going to get yogurt at Layoco was the next best idea. Yes, I enjoyed every bite!

I sure do love my friends!
 Tomorrow I'll share my trip to my Grandmother's.:)

Friday, April 18, 2014

Quiet times

Today my girls are gone down South Louisiana to our church Youth Camp. They will be gone for the next few days. It's rather weird being here by myself, and I do mean by myself! Since today is Good Friday I closed my door to the Little Birdies too... So far this is what I've done, cleaned the bathroom from top to bottom, gave the dogs a much needed bath, and tidied up my room. Later today my sister, sister- in- law are heading to Shreveport to do lunch with some of our dearest friends. Usually you can find me at home ( and that's where I like to be ) but today I will enjoy the unordinary moment of my Good Friday! Love to all! And happy Friday everyone! Remember Christ has risen!

   Missing my Girlies!


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Vintage Inspired Thursday

Well here I am again! 
 Today I've got a darling little Modcloth dress that I ordered not to long ago. The only thing wrong with it? It just wasn't long enough to suit me. I'm rather picky about my dresses and skirts not covering enough of my legs. So usually with the help of my seamstress there's a remedy for that. Just add some more fabric till I am happy with the length. So there you have it!

Dress/ Modcloth 
Shoes/ Stage

Monday, April 14, 2014

My Father's House

Hellooooo everyone!
I thought I'd share some of what I heard yesterday preached by our wonderful pastor.
 The title of the sermon was " In my Father's House" and what I'm applying in my life as I live on this earth. John 14 is not a funeral text and is so applicable in our life's today. In John 14 it tells us not to let our hearts be troubled and to let our hearts be turned off our unbelief and turn to Him. " Be still and know that I am God". Pastor went on to say that Jesus will help you bear burdens for He's got it all in control. Your worst nightmare is just for a moment.....that our afflictions work for something... And God will take your brokenness and work it into a testimony for Him. I thought these were such profound words of encouragement!
This is just a tiny summary of our sermon and if you'd like to hear more you can go to and listen to the rest of the sermon.
 Friend,God is real! I'm so glad to have Him in my life. Glad he chose me to be one of His. Glad that we know that the Rapture is in process and yes I do believe in the return of Christ.
  I have been praying for more Love, gentleness and Compassion for those who surround me. When you get born again you don't have to be like Jesus- you are Jesus.
   So that's what I'm doing friends loving up on these Babies and showing Jesus to them the best I know how.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Button down 3 ways day 3

Well today wraps up the button down three ways post.
 Angel and I went shopping today so sorry it's at the very end of the day. 
 I trust everyone had a lovely Saturday! 
 Katherine opted to stay home with her daddy today instead of going shopping so hence the no photos of that particular subject.
 And you know what? I think I'm about ready to retire from photo shoots! Mammy is getting way past her prime. 
 Sometimes I think to myself " old woman what do you think you're doing"? Really?! At your age? However I since I believe in telling the truth and nothing but the truth I will confess, I really enjoy looking at everyone's else's blogs with all their pretty clothes and snippets of their life's each one shares.
 And thank you once again to the Boyer sister's, Fresh Modesty, and Bramblewood fashion for hosting this event. It's good to be challenged and held accountable!

Angel's outfit: blouse/ Goodwill
                      Skirt / Kosher Kasual 
                     Shoes/ shoe dept.
Mine:blouse/ Hodge Podge Paisley by Nancy
                     Jumper/ gifted from a friend
                    Shoes/ consignment shop 
                     Sweater/ Modcloth 
                  Hat/ Goodwill
Now excuse me dear readers while I must go launder our clothes. Three days is quite few days of service for the use of one blouse don't ya think?:)