Thursday, October 31, 2013

Vintage Inspired Thursday

Hello again!
 Thanks for stopping by! It's a lovely rainy day here in our little town. 
 I hope none of you think me vapid with these post on Thursday? Forgive me if I appear to be a little shallow. 
 This is an old vintage dress that some one gave me a long time ago. As I never can part with my vintage style clothes ,this one still hangs in my closet. We (my photographer, Angel) took these at a little country church. As you know I am so fond of anything quaint!

Cardigan /Bananna Republic 
Have a wonderful day ya'll!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

How Monday got away from me

Good morning world!
 I had every intention to post yesterday, but before you know it the day is over, and you are telling each other good night.
 Our weekend was lovely. I had promised Angel a shopping trip to Shreveport , so that's where us girls went this weekend and we certainly enjoyed our time together doing , you know, like girly stuff.... I was able to get in a few pictures for my "Vintage Inspired Thurseday "post as well. More on that on Thurseday!
 Ben played baseball with our church family while we were gone shopping. Something he'd rather be doing I'm sure, than doing girly stuff with us ladies.
 Of course you can't go to Shreveport without getting something to eat, now can you? So we decided to try Newks. We had never ate there. They serve a pretty mean salad. It's humongous! 
 We had fun shopping for Angel 's and Katherine's pen-pals. My bloggy friend Linae has two daughters who are close in age to my girls. I met Linae through the cara box exchange. She is a sweetheart and has become dear to me over the months we gotten to know each other. The other day, the girls and I received a package from her and her girls filled with all sort of goodies! My girls were just a beaming when they opened that box. Ya'll know how to make some folks feel special!
 I hope you all had a wonderful weekend too! 

My concealed weapon. He he!

Angel showing Katherine some sisterly love,by helping her do her math homework.

Friday, October 25, 2013


I adore both my girls. They are both special to me in their unique way.
 Lately Angel and I have become even closer as she approaches her 16th birthday. She is becoming my buddy. 
I am an early riser, getting up at 4 a.m most mornings. My schedule kinda looks like this..... Get up, stumble into the kitchen , let the dogs out, put on a pot of coffee, after 3 cups, or more, I am awake enough to start my devotions, I sit and enjoy my quiet time before it's time to wake my family for breakfast. After I get Ben fed and out the door for work, I take that time to go running before my babies start coming in.... The other day Angel asked if she could join me. She has been getting up early now for a few weeks and going with me. I really enjoy our times together. She is real trooper.
  Have a wonderful Friday and have a blessed day!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Update on Josh

Thank you for all the concern,love and most importantly your prayers for my brother and his family!
 The doctors decided he didn't need the surgery after all! He was up and walking, and they have let him come home. I firmly believe it was the power of your prayers! Now we are worried about his wife Emelie, as she has started to spot and cramp no doubt due to the stress she's been under. So please remember her when you pray today as it is not time for Baby Jake to be born. 
 Josh will have to wear a back brace for the next few weeks but he will be fine! Praising The Lord we get to keep him with us as it could have been so much worse!
  Today I have no pictures to share. I did want to give my readers an update and tell you that God is alive and so is Josh!
  Once again thank you for praying!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

My brother Josh

Yesterday was a very hard and scary day. It started out like any other day, and then I got a phone call from my sister telling me that my brother Josh had an accident on his job and was being air lifted to L.S.U. Trauma center. My heart just about stopped. He had fallen off a scaffold at work and landed on his back and neck. Waiting to hear any news was excruciating as we had no idea how bad off he really was. I immediately sit down and gathered my little people and started crying out to God to save him, heal him and raise him up.Finally the news came that he was conscious and could move but was in terrible pain. Long story short, he did break his back and will have to have surgery today or at some point which still hadn't been determined when we visited him last night.
 For those of you that know Josh, rest assured there is nothing wrong with his tounge! He was talking 90 miles an hour last night. Oh how I love my brother! 
 Please if you have a few moments today, would you please pray for him and his family as they go through this huge change in their life? He has a wife, Emelie, and little girl (Scarlet) and baby Jake is due in January. The good news is the doctors believe he will walk again.
 Would you do me another favor? And hug your loved one today? If you can't do that by all means, please call them and tell them you love them! Life is fragile and it can change in an instant!
God bless! Merry

Monday, October 21, 2013

Senior Citizens

I love old people! I truly do. For some reason I feel even more comfortable with older folks than people my own age. Am I weird? Probably but it's fun being different. 
 A few months ago my Daddy called me and asked me to go with him to his 50th class reunion this Friday and Saturday night. I was thrilled that he'd think of me!  My daddy never asks me to go anywhere like that so I was excited at the prospects of being able to go do something with him.... Being in a room full of strangers is not really my thing but I was just happy to get to go and learn a little history about that time and erra. As you all know, I love vintage.(insert a smile and wink here)
 I have never heard so many "it's so good to you's" and you haven't changed a bits( ahem) in my life.
I am the kind of girl that likes to find a corner and sit there and observe. Older people intrigue me. Serval kind ladies even let me ask questions about their  past and of course I had to ask about their dresses! They kinda chuckled when I mentioned vintage dresses and patterns! 
In some ways I came away from there feeling sad. Sad as I looked at all those dear faces with wrinkles glasses,grey hair( some with no hair) dentures and plastic pieces. I left there thinking "won't be long I am heading there myself". It made my heart take a dip. Then I got to thinking about how cheerful they all least if I can pocess that I will be okay about embracing age .Cause to me there's nothing worse than an old crabby person.
This is me and Daddy.

One of Daddy's friends

My daddy pointed this guy out and told about the time they were in the 7th grade and how this nice looking old man and friend( not pictured) knocked his legs out from under him in line in the hallway. I was like" well daddy ,it looks like he's turned into a nice citizen". My said ,"oh he's a nice man now". So I had to make sure I got their picture together!

This lady was voted the class Queen: her name was Prudy Powell ,a name that always fascinated me when I was a little girl and would look at Daddy's yearbooks.She still is lovely!

This lady is a beautiful soul. Her name is Sharon Thornhill. She has cancer. I took her by the hand and looked her in the eyes and told her"you are beautiful "! Truly a beautiful soul. She is fighting for her life, would you join in prayer for her healing? God is able!

So how was your weekend?

Friday, October 18, 2013

Love one Another

One of the things that I am constantly preaching to my children is to "be kinder than necessary ". Sometimes this is hard. Yes I even struggle with this.
Yesterday I hear this big ruckus of " he took my toy!" So I pause what I am doing to see what is going on. This is evidence of the crime scene:

These two little fellas were very distraught over who was to get both of them.So the noise goes up a notch as they both think each of theirselves need one for each hand. Keep in mind they are not making the most happy noise either.
So I step in to their conversation and using my best Michelle Duggar imitation , I say ,"now boys lets not fight over the toys!"After this continues for a couple more time my ears are becoming a little more this is what happens when you fight at Mammy's .....both offenders have to sit for a few minutes and hug one another. 

And here they are all happy now and getting along so much sweeter.

They have there toys back and they are some happy boys! You may not can see the toy Maddox is holding but don't worry he's got it! So they all lived happily ever after the rest of the day.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Vintage Inspired Thursday

Good morning!
Today I thought I would share one of my vintage style dresses that my sister -in- law Ruth found for me in her thrift store finds. I have been totally delighted with it! And if anybody has any more that they want to get rid of,send them my way please!
 I like that people think of me when it comes to vintage things!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Yummy Sushi

Today I am sharing one of our eateries that we have here in the town of Minden.
This is a fairly new buisness to our area. I would like to recommend it to the locals ,and those of you passing through our little town. It is so very good.
 The people that own it (which I have no idea who they are) have turned the old Sonic building into a place called" Yummy Sushi". I was kind of hesitant to try it as I am kind of picky when it comes to sushi. A few nights ago I was feeling a little adventurous and Angel and Katherine kept pestering me about taking them there. So I caved....
You may not want to go if you are pressed for time as they take a little longer than a fast food place.
But let me tell you it's worth it! Since they took a while they even brought us out some fried won-ton dumplings----for FREE!!! Angel got the Philadelphia roll, Katherine got the Alaska roll, and I got the sweet potato fried roll. It makes me crave another... So if you haven't tried Yummy Sushi  please do its yummy!

These are a few of the free dumplings that I managed to get a picture of before they were devoured!
My fried sweet potato rolls

Monday, October 14, 2013

A pocketful of puppies

I am a big sap when it comes to animals. Always have been and always will. That's just the way I was made I figure. Ever since I can remember I have loved em. When I was a little girl and after  I'd get in trouble you could find me sitting outside singing and rocking singing a senseless little song I made up. Dolly was my first dog that I can remember and anyway I would gather her long ears up( I think she must have had dachshund in her) into what to me looked like a pony tail. I'd sing a little song I made up " wrappy bye" poor little dog having to suffer that kind of abuse, but she didn't ever seem to mind. She always loved me through thick and thin.
I have had quite a few dogs throughout my life and they are all special and hold special memories in my heart.If you asked me to choose which one was/is my favorite would be like choosing my favorite child and I can't do that! Each one is unique.
 Currently I have 4 puppy loves. As you can see we are quite happy!

One thing that really bothers me this time of year is all the deer killing pictures that people post on Facebook. Now for all you big mighty hunters out there don't be getting upset with the way I feel. I can't help it I just don't think it's a pretty sight that's all. And I will eat it if it's dead and all that, in fact my Ben killed one last year. I just can't stand the thought of killing anything and so I apologize if I sound rude but I guess you will have to talk to my Creator cause that's just the way I am made!
Love ya'll and happy Monday!
Happy birthday to my little dog Stella today!1 year old. More on how I came to get her.... A story for another day.....

Thursday, October 10, 2013

There's no place like home

I am the most comfortablest when I am I am at home. This is my little sanctuary.
This is where I can be myself. This is where I can be as silly as I want to be.This is where I can be serious if I choose.
This is where I can be with my family I hold so dear.
I like my little house. Yes it is very small. But as long as I have my family I am content. That to me is my joys of what makes my house the place I call home. I am not rich with money but I have so much that I sometimes feel a tad guilty. I have a wonderful husband, and two beautiful girls. These girls o mine that call me Mama.
I have the best job in the world being a wife and a Mother. My second favorite job is being a Mammy to the little ones that come to this home from day to day.
Now that kind of a crowd I can handle!
I am thanking God today for my family and these sweet darling babies!
I got tickled today when I saw these little people that the girls had dressed up.

Monday, October 7, 2013

It was so nice to meet you!

Yesterday after our morning service at church, my Sister, Sister-in-law, nieces and girls loaded up and went to visit one of my dearest friends Tyra who lives over in Arkansas. Her little family welcomed their second little girl to the world. Weighing 8 lbs. 12 oz. and 19 &1/2 inches long.
 We all had so much fun passing her around. She is absolutely beautiful!

Baby Janaya Alexadra

Janaya and her Mommy

The happy girls that got to go see this little princess.

My pretty Sister-in-law, Ruth
My sister Anna

My lovely niece, Ellieanna. Isn't that the prettiest name?

Me holding the sweet little bundle for the first time. I was in baby heaven!
Katherine and me with the princess

The proud big sister ( Kayliegh Anne) 
Tyra's Mom and my second Mom also known as Auntie Barbara
I love this family!!!
Hope ya'll have a wonderful Monday!!!

Saturday, October 5, 2013


Yesterday I forgot to include this pic. of my sister and sister-in-laws. 
 These ladies are so dear to my heart. We joke that the guys in our family butt heads over more things than us girls. It's kinda funny!:) We have to stick together though don't we girls? 

  Anna,Emelie,me,and Beckah

Love you girls, and am so glad you are part of my family!!!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Family Night Supper

A few years ago, I was sitting here during the babies nap time and I got to thinking about my family....
My Dad,brothers and sister and how much they mean to me. With my Mom gone on to glory now it makes you want to make the most ,of the time that you do have here on earth with the family that we have.
 Now that my siblings and I are grown, the business of life keeps us from seeing each other as often, even though we don't really live that far apart.
 As I was sitting here thinking about them and aching to see them, I got to thinking why not host a family night supper and try and do it once a month? So that's how our family night suppers came about. And that's a pretty big feat considering how big my family is. I am the oldest of 5 children. And we all have spouses and children.Our house is super tiny! But where there is a will there is a way right? Let me tell you friends this little house is bursting at the seems when we all come together! And I cherish every minute! Including my Dad the grand total of all of us are 23 1/2.(Baby Jake has to make his appearance). Wow that's a lot of people! Last night we had a family night supper and sadly my dad and oldest brother didn't get to come this time around. They missed out on some good food and fellowship! However, my dear Grammy, Aunt, and cousin Jessie was here with us. We had a potato bar ( sweet and regular baked) with all the extra trimmings. We also had cake and ice cream for Katherine's birthday. 

My elegant sister, Anna

Me, my Grammy, and Anna

Anna, Aunt Rita, and me

Josh, John, me, Grammy, and Anna

Sweet John Paul and "Bubbie" (Alexander) 

Uncle Ben and Bubbie clowning around!

My middle brother, John

Cousin Jessie

My beautiful Grammy

My sweet brother-in-law, Matthew

Katherine and precious Haven!


Happy Birthday, Katherine!

The supper

And last but not least: Stella ;) We couldn't leave this baby out of the family night, now could we?

Have a wonderful weekend! God loves you and so do I!