Monday, November 4, 2013

Baby showers, birthdays, and a sick little girl

Our weekend went by in a flash! Thursday night Katherine wanted to hand out candy to the little tricker treaters. I went and bought serval bags for her to hand out. I told her" now only hand out one piece per child "(as it was good chocolate bars) so I was in the kitchen washing dishes and she was on the front porch doing her thing. A few minutes later I notice she is back inside scrounging around looking for more candy. So I ask her " where did all the candy go"? Have you already given it all out? She sheepishly admitted that she had indeed been giving entire handfuls. Well when you run out of candy that's it folks , lights out. Too bad so sad.....

Friday we celebrated one our  "little birds" birthday! He is now one year! Isn't he just the cutest little guy?

Then on Saturday my family hosted a baby shower for my sister-in-law , Emelie. We had all sorts of good food and fellowship. I was in charge of making the dips, so I made jalapeño popper dip, and s'mores dip. Ms. Stacey requested that I put the recipe for the jalapeño popper dip on the blog. So I plan on doing that tomorrow.:)

And then Saturday night we all go to bed happy because the next day is Sunday and it's our day to go to church (something I always look forward too) and before I can even get out of bed I hear this little voice " Mama I don't feel good!" Not the words you want to hear before your eyes come all the way open..... I suppose she had a stomach bug. Which to me are the nastiest of nastys. Poor little thing passed out twice trying to get back to bed. She was still feeling a bit puny last night , but I think she will be fine to go to school today.
 So that's how we spent our weekend! And how was yours?

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