Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Premier Jewelery

Not to long ago, I got to host a premier jewelry catalog for my friend Rachel.
 I was able to get some coveted pieces of Jewelery for 1/2 the price.
  Rachel holds a very special place in my heart. Let me introduce her before I go into details about premier jewelry.
  Seventeen years ago this little country girl needed a wedding dress to get married in. My sister and I both had gotten engaged ( my sister before me, we had a double wedding) so that created a delemma, we only had one dress. As we couldn't afford another one Rachel so graciously offered to let me borrow hers. I love this girl and her tender heart. She has been a real inspiration to me. Thank you Rachel for being so kind and reaching out to me ,the backwards little country girl those many years ago. 
 So today this is what I am doing, I am doing my first giveaway here on eachlittlebird! Since I love emails so much the 25th email that I get from my readers (stellamerry76@gmail.com) will win this lovely necklace.

You likey? So get to emailing friend.... This giveaway will be open until Saturday November (30th)
 If you would like to host a party you can contact Rachel here:

Rachel Ware
234 Bolling Drive
Homer Louisiana 71040
Your friendly premier independent distributor!

All my jewelry!

These pictures really don't do them justice as it doesn't show as clearly in the picture.

 So do yourself a favor, host a jewelry party for Rachel. Pssst! Christmas is right around the corner!

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