Monday, November 11, 2013

A little of this.....

,Hello friends!
 Did you think I ran away? Nope I'm still here. I just didn't get to sit down and post like I wanted to last week. But here I am today...... The sweet NieNie over at NieNies dialogues post every day about the happenings of her and her family's life's .... Talking about dedication! I love her for it, as I am one of her faithful readers. 
 Trusting you all had a wonderful weekend. My family and I did! We didn't do much but we were together and that's all that matters right?
 Yesterday we had the most delicious service at church. It started out super anointed! God was there, you could feel His presence. I encourage you to listen/ watch the archive and make sure to click on the latest sermon! You will not be disappointed I promise! I do believe we have the best singers, musicians and preachers I do declare....... Every time I think it can't get no better, well it does! I suppose every one feels like that about their church ? My brother and his family were there and that was a treat too!
 Ben will be working nights for the next two weeks. This is something he enjoys in his spare time. I love this guy!

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