Monday, November 18, 2013

Cara box exchange

 Goodness gracious! Cara box exchange again! This is so much fun. It has been a pleasure getting to know Nicole who blogs over at adventures of a Semper Fi family. She is the one who sent me my box.
 And boy howdy! Does she ever fix you up a nice one! I think my girls were just as excited about the package when it arrived as I was. Angel was extremely excited about the c.d. By Chris Tomlin! Umm Nicole , I do believe my c.d. has gone missing...... I also got to know Liz. She is the one I sent my box to.
 Also Nicole sent me the sweetest card. I have found another dear bloggy friend. She is truly a unique person.
 In case you are wondering what the cara box exchange is, you can find out more about here, I have really enjoyed participating in it. If you haven't tried it , do! It's good way to meet new people. Last time, I met the sweetest lady Linae who has so much in common with me. We still communicate through emails and what not. 

See my pretty napkins? Nicole sent those because she knows thanksgiving is my favorite time of the year! That little ball is chap stick, and yes it was prepackaged before I took the picture! That's what happens when you have eager hands helping to open your things.:)

I also got a Starbucks gift card ( which I can't wait to use) and a devotional. Thank you again dear Nicole! I agree I think We were a good match too!

Till next time, Merry 

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  1. Thank you Merry! Bittersweet to read this email and see those items again. Reminds me that our time has come to an end with being matched up. All the time spent carefully recalling email exchanges and words of encouragement. *sigh* Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!