Monday, September 30, 2013

Weekend Recap

Wow! Does your weekend fly by as fast as mine? If weekends had a kite string I would for sure be the one to grab it and keep it grounded. But since I can't I might as well take the Pollyanna approach and be "happy" it's Monday!
Friday night the girls got to spend the night with their Aunt Nan. Which is always a special treat. They get to visit with the cousins their age, and do fun girlie things.
Ben and I got to do a little birthday shopping for a certain little birthday girl. Our Lidda Katherine will be turning 12 on Wenesday.
 At the end of our shopping trip we rewarded ourselves with Starbucks. Ben got the mocha frappe and I tried my first ever pumpkin spice latte. ( I thought of you Nicole!) I think I just might be hooked!
 Today's pictures are what Katherine and I wore to church yesterday. Katherine wasn't none to happy about posing. So please excuse her inflicted expression. But I did want you to see our cute skirts by Hodge podge Paisley By Nancy. Once again I am amazed at what this lady can create! If you want one like it or similar you can contact her here: or you can find her on Facebook at Hodgepodge Paisley By Nancy.
Have a wonderful Monday, filled with love, joy and peace! Merry

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