Thursday, September 12, 2013

Fashion Inspired Thursday

I am an old soul when it comes to most things vintage.
 I adore the 1950 style. I have always said if I could of picked a time to be born that is probably the time I would have chose.
 Back in those days ladies still dressed like ladies.
  Today I am wearing a dress made from a pattern my grandmother gave me. It makes me feel pretty and ladylike. It also makes me think of my dear grandmother who I treasure more than any patterns in the world! ( and I really like old patterns) So here's to you Grandmother!


  1. Wonderful pattern made a pretty dress!
    Elisabeth M.

  2. So very cute, Merry! I'm with you, I LOVE the vintage retro time period!! =) ~Crytal Cutchall~

  3. I would choose the 50s too. I love the dress. Did you make it?

  4. No Nicole, I wish I could sew! I am not talented in that department!

  5. Love love love the outfit! The pattern is darling and pockets make every dress better :) I love the 50s too.