Monday, September 23, 2013

Moving day

We had a super busy weekend this past week
My sister moved only about 20 miles or so up the road, but packing is um, kinda stressful? Anyhoo that's what we did all day  Saturday.
I think that reminded me that I don't want to go any where any time soon! My roots have started growing here at this little place we call home. So for the time being that's where we will stay. I am happy for my sister and her family though. They do have more space which they did need with 5 growing children.
 I loved our cozy Friday. It rained,and rained some more. In fact it rained all day. It's a perfect kind of day as long as you don't have to no where! I adore a good rainy day every now and then.
 Sunday is always good as we get to go to church. My cousin Timothy preached yesterday and it was awsome! I love seeing The Lord work through His people. Our ears was also blessed by to hear 3 timely songs. They encourage me so! God is good friends! For those who would like to hear the songs and sermon go this address,w You will not be disappointed!
 I have been enjoying sipping my coffee from cup that my friend Amie sent me through the cara box exchange. Thank you Amie! I always am thinking of you when I use that particular cup!
 Have a wonderful  Monday ya'll!


  1. awe, I'm so glad you like it! LOVE LOVE that skirt!!!

  2. Thank you again Amie!

  3. I love your outfit, the pattern mixing is lovely. I love rainy days too, any time to cuddle up and drink some tea is fine with me :)