Monday, September 2, 2013

Texas Rangers

This past Friday we took the day off and headed for Dallas to see the Texas Rangers play.(Texas Rangers versus Minnesota Twins)
While I am not a big fan of sports I tolerate it to be with the rest of the family who happen to like it very much.
Me? I also go for the food.As far as I am concerned that's the best part of the trip.i am a foodie. We got to eat at Mexican restaurant called, On The Border. I got to try a new thing I have tried before. Fish tacos. Very different..... Then of course we ate supper there at the game. For breakfast we enjoyed ihop. Yes food is definitely something to look forward to on a trip!
Our little nephew Zander likes baseball as much as his Unca Ben.We were privileged to get to bring one of our favorite little guys along. Love you Zander Man!
Have a wonderful Labor Day every one!!!

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  1. How fun! We are cardinal fans by nature but the rangers are out next favorite