Wednesday, September 18, 2013

"Marnee Tate"

As you all know each Wenesday ,I feature a Baby Bird, here on Each little bird.
  Today may I introduce you to one of the darlingest baby ever! She is quite adorable! And oh my goodness! Is she ever good. Seriously she is an Angel Child! For the most part she is content to watch everyone else play. As long as she canbe where she can see everyone she is one happy baby girl! 
   I am so blessed to be able to care for this sweet bundle of joy on a daily basis.
   Her name is Marlee Kate( isn't that a pretty name?) but Emelee ( one of the Little's ) can't pronounce her name and it comes out sounding like "Marnee Tate". So Marlee Tate has been christened Marnee Tate. 
   I love you my beautiful Marnee Tate!

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