Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Five days of red (day two)

My second post on my week of red series. Do any of you make plans for valentines day?
 We usually buy a small gift for each family member and give it at breakfast or sometimes during the day. As for going out to eat, we've been there done that... Lesson learned? Restruants or too crowded! So I always opt to stay in instead of dealing with the crowd. We can go out another time when it's less stressful. Every day throughout the year " love" should be demonstrated, of course it is nice to have a special day set aside to show it.
 I would love to hear your stories of how you celebrate though. Please do share! 

My oldest daughter dressed in her red Hollister sweat shirt. Comfy!

( Angel and Stella)

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  1. In our family our tradition is sharing 2 boxes of chocolate covered strawberries (between the 4 of us so its not THAT bad haha!). Other than that I don't really have any tradtions, but yours sounds like fun! And i agree, restaurants are way too crowded on Valentine's day!