Saturday, February 15, 2014

Five days of red ( day five oops one day late)

Eeek! I missed the most important day yesterday. 
 Our house was pretty much normal yesterday though. 
 I remember how Ben and I celebrated valentines day the first year we were married. I will confess I really was looking forward to it. I was a girl that grew up without any flowers, phone calls, or dates from  any boys. Ben was the only guy I ever dated and that didn't happen till I was 19. We dated for 6 months and were married. I promise to God above I didn't even kiss him til the day at the alter. Call me old fashioned but that's just how we were raised.
 So back to my story of Valentine's Day.... In my head I always had this idea of how my love would treat me on this special day. Well he tried I will have to say that for him. I remember how I had been eyeing a certain pair of shoes and I wanted those shoes so bad. He purchased those for me and had them all wrapped up. Which to this day I have that beautiful memory ( not the shoes, I think I cleaned out my closet) of him doing that especially for me. That night we drove all over Shreveport looking for a fine place to dine. Everywhere we went, there were lines and lines of people standing out of the restraunts waiting to be next. We drove and looked for " the perfect" place for close to an hour. We were so desperate to find something to eat by this time it simply just didn't matter any more. So you know where we ate our first Valentines dinner? Pizza Hut! So from then on out I quickly decided I think next time we'll just settle for a quiet evening at home. 
Last night we did go to our local BBQ place. All four of us. And it was good. I hope all of you had a nice Valentines day too!


  1. Aw, what a sweet first Valentine memory!

  2. Oh I love that sweet story!! :)

  3. Aww! Thank ya ladies!