Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Five days of red ( day 3)

Well we finally got something white! Slick stuff we call ice! Umm, not exactly what I had in mind. But at least it's white right?
 Now it's turning into a soggy nasty mess outside.  So it's now no longer even white.:(
 How are you staying warm? Do you get in the mood to cook when it turns snowy and icy outside?
 I do. I made a huge pot of chicken and dumplings, lady crowder peas, ( that I had got at the Shreveport's Farmers Market last year) and a pan cornbread. I also cranked out some homemade frosted sugar cookies. 
 Ben's job was canceled today due to the weather. So we've been hanging out here at the house trying to stay warm. At least our power hasn't gone out! That's something that I DO not want to deal with! 
    My sweet Katherine.


  1. Aw, such sweet photos! You two are beautiful :). I definitely get in the mood to bake when it is cold outside. It's probably that instinct that our bodies want to gain fat when it is cold to keep us warm haha, that's what I tell myself. Stay warm and I hope your power stays on!

  2. I love Katherine's dress, you two look so cute! I do get the urge to bake when it's snowy out, so I get the feeling!


  3. Thank you Katie! I haven't never thought of it like that, but that sounds like a fine explanation to me. I'm always looking for a great excuse to eat! Our power stayed on! Thank The Lord!

  4. Thank you Amia! I'm glad I'm not alone in wanting to " cook more".:)