Thursday, September 4, 2014

Labor Day

So how was your Labor Day? Mine went something like this.....
Sunday after church Nan, Matthew,Ben, and I rode to Wilhelmina Arkansas and went 4 wheeler riding. Well actually , Sunday we rode to the motel and then on Labor Day we went to ride the trails. 

    Do you see the horrid snake? Sorry if I offend any of you snake lovers out there, but it's my opinion that the only good snake is a dead one. We saw 4 on our trip in the woods and two of them Matthew killed. It's always been a secret longing of mine to go snake hunting and bruise the head of the serpent. ( winky face) talk about thrilling!!! So whose up for the adventure with me?

Ben and me being silly.
    Mr. Coleman did you say you took out a life insurance? So let's just" accidently" push him down the mountain! Just kidding!
    Quirky picture.

So tell me what you did for Labor Day.... I'd love to know!


  1. oh, i love these pictures! it looks like you had so much fun. (i agree, by the way, the only good snake is a dead one, and i did spot it). such pretty ozark shots. i NEED to go there. i was in Oklahoma last weekend and it was so pretty. the valleys and hills are so amazing... i'd love to go in october when the trees are on fire with color.

  2. Yes Abigail I'm sure the foliage is gorgeous up in the Ozarks. A few weeks ago everything was still pretty much green as you tell in the photos. I'm sure they are starting to turn by now though. Our leaves here in Louisiana is starting turn colors. Such a pretty time a year.:)