Monday, September 29, 2014

Another picnic

Good morning dear people!
 So when Katherine heard about Angels experience on our " girl date" well of course she wanted to do the same. 
  However we did upgrade a bit.:) Instead of McDonalds she chose Chinese take out. On Trim Healthy Mama diet most of Chinese is a No-no but thankfully they happen to have baked salmon on their buffet. So we were both very happy with our meal. ( I made and took my own salad) 
 The time Katherine and I spent together was a memory to cherish. We took a stroll through the woods and this time ( thank the Lord! ) we didn't see any snakes. 
 Of course we HAD to take selfies to remember our good time. 

 And after our walk it was on to the Library because what big Sister does Little Sister wants to do too.:)
  This week my baby will be turning 13! Two teenagers in the house! 

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