Monday, September 8, 2014

Trim healthy Mama

So I've started a new approach to my eating life style..... I've always been a small eater only eating smaller portions at a time but somehow a pound snuck in here and a pound crept in there and well before you know it there I go.....
 One of my friends happened to be doing this plan, and me being the curious person I am I started inquiring more details of this particular plan. For some reason this diet intrigued me.
The hardest part? Um definitely the sugar. I love my sweets and ALWAYS have to have something sweet for a snack especially in the afternoon. That's my little thing in life I'd always look forward to.
" my little reward to myself" so to speak.
I have been sugar free now for over 6 weeks. In this book Pearl and Serene lead you to some pretty amazing deserts that sattisfy my sweet toothe. Some of my favorites are the smoothies. I'm in love with the fat stripping frappa.
While I haven't lost as much weight as I wanted to, I've certainly not gained any and have lost3 pounds. I'm including the fat stripping frappa that I've tweaked to satisfy my taste buds. Here you go and thank you very much!
2 c. Cold coffee
10 frozen cubes of coffee ( ice tray needed )
1 cube of skinny choclate  ( I'll include the recipe for that too )
Truvia to taste I think I usually put about 2 Tbsp. Of it in mine
1/2 scoop of low carb, low calorie protein powder
1/2 tsp. instant coffee
Put it all in in blender and blend away. Top with a squirt of reddi whip and Hershey's sugar free choclate syrup
                       SKINNY CHOCLATE RECIPE
Put 1/4 cocoa powder into a small bowl.
Add 1/2 c. Cocoanut oil( if it's in solid form due to cooler weather, heat jar for a few seconds in a small saucepan until it liquifies, but don't let jar get to hot)
Add 3 to 4 tsp. of truvia ( ground in a coffee grinder) I personally like more but keep in mind I have a huge sweet toothe!
Stir all ingredients with a fork
Line plastic plate with wax paper or foil and por liquid choclate on top. Freeze until solidified. I found it easier to pour into an ice tray and just pop out a piece when I need one.


  1. That smoothie sounds delicious! Coffee and chocolate, YUM!

  2. I assure it is Jill! And pretty much guilt free!!! Try it!