Thursday, September 18, 2014

Daughter day out

So I've decided that I'd include a mama/daughter date with each of my girls one night a week. 
 This week it was Angel's turn. Next week Katherine's. 
 Angel chose McDonald's ( yucky) and we took our supper to the park and talked and visited while we ate. Then we took a long walk in the woods and saw a baby snake and decided to turn around and go for a walk down the street where you are not as likely to see snakes at all.
 Angel talked about boys and boys and well boys..... They seem to be a lot on her mind nowadays.:) 
 After we got through with our walk/ talk we went to the library and hung out there a while.
 I hope my girls never outgrow me. I love being their mom!


  1. Oh I am sure they won't!! What a wonderful thing to do for your girls.
    Amy Jo

  2. Oh thAnk you for that AmyJo! I've been missing our little chats! Have you posted anything lately on you blog? I've checked a couple times lately, I've been missing you in our little blogging world. You know we ll start feeling like we are family.i feel a kindred spirit with you for sure. Hugs my pretty friend. Merry