Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The perfect weekend

Last week I celebrated another year of my life. My family and friends made me feel so incredibly loved and blessed. From all the birthday wishes on Facebook, phone calls, cards and gifts truly it's great to be alive.
 My girls bought me a new pair of Nike flip flops ( I've gotten to where I don't wear flip flops to much but these are exceptional) as my others were getting raggedy. They knew I needed a pair.
 My sister made me some red velvet cupcakes that I ate way to many of. But I just couldn't help
 myself! I'm usually the mistress of self control when it comes to food but not with those bad boys sitting on my tea cart calling my name.  I took care of that problem and ate the last one. ( Nan, I'm going to spank you if I don't fit in my vintage clothes) :) 
 Then to top it off, Ben informed me that he was taking me to a bed and breakfast down South Louisiana. He surprised me and invited our best friends  Tyra and Kevin to go with us. I had no clue they were going until they walked right up my porch as we were getting ready to leave. And yes I did some squealing and hugging and a little happy dance too.
 The place we stayed in was " the Michabella Inn". It's quite a delightful place. I enjoyed going out on the porch and sippin my coffee. The little suite we stayed in was smack dab in a bamboo forest. I liked it though as it gave the place an exotic feel.
 We kind of toyed with the idea of riding on to New Orleans but I recalled a certain incident of one of our family members that got arrested for molesting his hamburger. It's true if you don't believe me google it. All he did was throw a pickle off of his hamburger onto the ground. So I do recommend that any of you planning a trip to New Orleans be very careful what you do! So needless to say we didn't get the nerve up to visit there.
 We did a lot of other fun stuff though and went to the cutest little town ( I want to go back) called Mandeville. We walked the lake front and saw the sweetest little couple  sitting up under a tree enjoying ing their lunch and who we thought were married but turned out they were brother and sister. How do I know this? My friend Tyra was like " hey Merry , you should get a picture of them for your blog!" That's all the encouragement I needed, I scampered right across there and asked them if I could take their picture and they kindly told me I could. We had a lovely few minutes chatting with them. I really love the well seasoned folks don't you? I believe that was one of the highlights of my trip!
 Ben probably didn't know he started something as I can't wait to go again! Thank you darling for the best birthday ever!

  The names of the cottage we stayed at.

 The inside of our rooms.

    Kevin and Tyra y'all made the trip complete!


The little couple

The beach house along the lake front.

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