Thursday, January 30, 2014

Vintage inspired Thursday

Why hello there!
 Today's vintage inspired dress comes from where else but, Modcloth, of course! 
  I have to say that when I got this little girl in the mail and slipped it out of the box, I was thrilled with the quality! Wouldn't you agree that she is quite stunning?
  I have worn it more than a few times..... And not be braggy or anything, each time I wear it I recieve compliments from people  ( complete strangers, mind you) even while out shopping for our daily needs. So, yes I REALLY like her. That kind of encouragement always boosts your self confidence doesn't it?

Hat/ goodwill
Dress/ Modcloth 
Shoes/ Modcloth 
Cute dogs/ hmmm, where did they come from?

Have a good Thursday ya'll! Friday is right around the corner! So with these words of wisdom I'll leave today, till next time! ~Merry ~


  1. Yes Amia I think you might call me addicted to Modcloth! :) and thank you for the sweet compliment.

  2. Beautiful dress. Love the coordinating hat!

  3. Thank you Nicole!😊