Thursday, January 16, 2014

Vintage inspired Thursday

This outfit is the results of looking at PINTREST. I'm telling you, PINTREST and Modcloth are very dangerous places for a girl like me. So hmmm..... I'd best stay away from places such as those as I can't resist temptation...... Maybe I did order something from Modcloth today or maybe I didn't......:)
 So I see this skirt (or a replica anyway) and I send the picture to the talented Miss Nancy of hodge podge paisley by Nancy, and beg the dear lady to make me one. And viola! Here tis!
  And the blouse you ask? No it wasn't paired up with this on PINTREST. On there it's paired with a cute denim blue chambray shirt. Cute, but not what I had in mind...... So it's like this, you give a mouse a cookie and then what does he ask for? Yep, in my case a vintage blouse...... " hellloooo, Miss Nancy"? " something with cherries please? Oh yes my friends, she never ceases to amaze me.
 I adore my lovely outfit by hodgepodge paisley!
 Today I am sharing the before and after photos of my hair " the before" taken at our local antique shop down the road. Miss Milly Rose is the owner. You couldn't meet anyone sweeter than Miss Milly Rose.
One day I was in there and she was praying for me before I had even left her store. I thought it was so sweet. You know not many people do that with their customers. She is really bold in her faith, something I envy for sure!

Miss Milly Rose and my girls

    Miss Milly Rose and me.



  1. What a gorgeous skirt/blouse combination! The pattern mix is so fun. And what an adorable hat too! You're a cutie!

  2. I love the pattern mixing, you look so cute! Pinterest is so dangerous! I can get stuck there for hours :)

  3. Thanks to each of you my dears!