Thursday, January 2, 2014

Vintage Inspired Thursday

Did you all have a happy New Years? I believe we had one. Our tradition is always to eat cabbage and blackeyed peas. I am not superstitious or anything but I do like those particular foods:) so far I haven't got rich from eating those two things. Aww man! (Snap my finger insert here)
 While we may not be rich in money we are rich in other things..... It's all in how you look at things I suppose.:)
  Did you stay up late and watch the new year come in? Normally I don't stay up no later than 10:00p.m. And that's a late night for us.... However my family and I did stay up to welcome in the new year as our church had watch night service. 
  Resolutions? Nope, none for me.....
  Angel and I had fun taking our vintage inpired photo shoot yesterday. We rode around and found a nice rural place out in the country. Around here , out in the woods, you are liable to stumble up on anything like nasty old deer bones that some hunter dumped out. For goodness sakes I hope that's all it is.... But anyway hoping you all had a wonderful day and here's to good year!

   Angel bought me this kerchief for Christmas. I had been wanting one for a while. You know kind of like Rosie the rivetor? I like it a lot!
   My favorite shoes of all for my winter assemble. I paid a little more than I shoulda but I have got my wear out of them. They are made by Born purchased at Dillard's. I call them my Mary Poppin shoes.:)

   My necklace I got for Christmas from one of the little Birdies. I adore it!

The awful picture of the poor ole bones

My out fit: corduroy  skirt, goodwill?
                 Sweater, goodwill
                 Blouse gap
Angel's outfit: turtle neck / consignment shop
                      Sweater/ Modcloth 
                      Skirt/ gifted from my sister
                      Necklace /Modcloth 

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  1. You and Angel are so cute! I love your shoes and kerchief and her sweater is such a bright happy color!