Sunday, January 12, 2014

Running in the cold

I arise early. When I say early ,I mean early.Like 4:00 a.m. Early.... It's Sunday friends. I can sleep a little longer knowing it's a day of rest. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell my internal clock, so being it's not informed, I get up ( might as well, can't sleep anyway)  I fix breakfast for Ben. Some Angel biscuits I'd whipped up last night, and sausage and eggs.
 Last week it was so cold I had a justifiable excuse for not running like I normally do through the week. But this morning it's only in the 30's, perfect for running I think. So I put my running shoes on and step out into the frosty air. It starts out cold and dark ( around 6:00) . I began my warm up and break out into my jog.... The birds began their chirping, they are saying "what a lovely day our Lord has made." They are rejoicing because the sun is fixing to rise.
 As I run I see all the houses ,as I run, I began to see lights come on and smell the odor of breakfast cooking. I run and run and I think to myself contentedly, now you have earned your breakfast, so I turn towards home where my own biscuits and sausage await. Maybe now I can eat them with no guilt.....
 My family and I will go to church a little later on, and like the birds were saying, it's a lovely day our Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad! Have a wonderful day friends! And till next time, Merry

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