Thursday, July 3, 2014

Vintage inspired Thursday ( little red riding hood)

Good morning!
Today I'm sharing another dress made by the talented Monica of " It's Sew Monica". I think she did a superb job on this one too! 
 The pockets are made from a vintage handerkerchief. 
 Tonight we are planning to go and watch fireworks. I've been humming " This land is My Land This land is your land" all morning. I know America has many problems but I can't think of another place I'd rather live maybe other than heaven where we'll be problem free forever.:) however I am forever greatful to the men and women that have fought for our freedom that we have today.

Have a wonderful 4th and don't let the Big Bad Wolf get you! Sorry! That was cheesy but I couldn't resist!


  1. That is such a cute dress!! Red must be your favorite color.
    Amy Jo

  2. Amy Jo I do like red a lot! I guess I gravitate towards it a lot. Green is my favorite color of all though.😊

  3. What a cute pattern! You look just adorable in this dress.

    Happy 4th of July!


  4. Thank you Jenny! And happy 4th to you too! Hugs, Merry

  5. Oh my goodness! I love what you said about heaven being problem free but its nice to enjoy our freedom here... Amen, sister!!
    I just have to mention how much i adore your dress. The old hankie pockets is such a darling touch as well as the collar and buttons which are adorable.
    Thanks for your sweet comment, it brought your blog to my attention and i cant wait to see more.
    Have a wonderful fun filled and safe fourth!!

  6. Nancy Jane VenableJuly 8, 2014 at 8:11 PM

    Oh my goodness, how adorable.....

  7. This is the cutest print Merry, Monica is such a talented lady!