Monday, June 30, 2014

Little princess

Last Friday night some ladies from our church and my sister along with all our girls (whew that was a mouth full!) went to Shreveport to see a play " The Little Princess". We enjoyed it immensely. 
 After the play we went to Barnes and Noble to get a coffee and browse the books. I love going to bookstores with the coffee caf├ęs. They smell delicious. I wish that Public Library's had a little coffee shop inside for their patrons. Wouldn't that be lovely? Does your library offer anything like that? We had a nice evening and made some good memories.:)

 My two girls and my nieces. ( best cousins friends )

  That's my sister on the very right end. Do we favor?


  1. Merry,
    You all look so lovely. Your dress is just adorable! It sounds like such a wonderful time. I love plays. We have a place here called the Orlando Repitoir. They remake children's books into plays and I try to go when I can. So much fun. I don't think you look like your sister, though sometimes in person you can see something more...
    Amy Jo

  2. Thank you Amy Jo! I don't think my sister and I favor either. However we've been told that we look like twins.:) hugs! Merry