Tuesday, July 22, 2014


 When I was a little girl we traveled a lot as my daddy was a minister. So we ended up in some random places along the way. When I was around nine my family and I moved from Louisiana to Georgia and lived there for almost 4 years. Those were some of the best years of my life. The people in our church were just precious. It was a very small church but best of all there were three children just the age of my oldest siblings and myself. We were all the best of friends. When we had a sleepover they all piled in to our house, vice,versa. Our mom's ,of course had quite a little army to look after when our little tribe got together. We had such sacrificial Mom's. Now,as a mom who loves her solitude,I see actually how much sacafrice it truly was.
 When we moved back to Louisiana a little piece of my heart was left in Georgia. I missed my friends so much! 
 Well as time went on, those same friends made visits through the years to our Lousiana home and to our delight found spouses here and so they moved here too. ( much to their parents dismay I'm sure:) A few weeks ago we received a call that our friends mom had been taken to the E.R. and things wasn't looking to good. A few days later she slipped away from mortal to immortality. 
 As I packed for the trip to Georgia to attend the funeral I remembered our friends Mom. What a good mom she was. 
 I wish our return to Georgia hadn't been on such sad circumstances but while there we took our girls to some of the familiar places that was dear to hearts growing up there.
The Chickamauga battlefield. The tower that soldiers built with their own hands. So much history there.

   My niece Kammi at the base of the tower. Walking up those stairs is hard work!
The view from the top of the tower
    Two happy girls at the very top.
    They wanted a picture of themselves peeking over the top of the tower. They were saying"Repunzel let down your hair"!
    My sister Nan and Kami

   Kami and Savannah

    Mama Diane and her babies

    After the funeral we went riding around and drove to Fort Oglethorpe. In the historical district they have the prettiest Victorian houses. This pink one is a dream!

I have some more pictures to share with you on vintage inspired Thursday so make sure you visit again! Tomorrow I'll show you some photos of Katherine's vintage inspired dress made by Miss Lily of Mode de lis. Blogspot.com that we got off her etsy shop. Until then have a wonderful day!



  1. I am sorry to hear about your dear friend passing. Your pictures are so pretty. I love the pink Victorian too.
    Amy Jo

  2. Thank you Amy Jo! The pink Victorian is house I'd like to have one like someday. If I could choose a style it definitely would be this.:)