Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Katherine's dress from Mode-de-lis

A few weeks ago Lily of posted some of her gorgeous dresses that she had made in etsy shop. While neither of my girls care for my taste in the vintage erra, this particular dress intrigued Katherine. 
 So after a few days of admiring it on Lily's etsy shop ( not to mention her others as well) grin:) I contacted Lily to see if she had extra fabric to make them a little bigger as I had myself in mind for the dresses I knew I wanted to purchase. Lily responded quickly and very kindly told me she'd send the remnants of the fabric she had so I could do just that. 
 When my coveted dresses arrived in its box with a sweet note tucked in from Lily herself I was thrilled!
  But alas, Katherine had already set her cap for this one. So we didn't have to enlarge it after all because it fit Katherine perfectly. Don't you just love an happy ending? If you haven't checked Lily's blog please do! Show some love and follow along.

And in case you're wondering where my child's shoes are ( it's not that we can't afford them it's just my sweet girl didn't want to take the time to put them on) we don't ever go to town without our shoes 
 (Nasty) but in this case our little sleepy town is basically free of people in the late evenings so not many  saw us. But'll never tell!


  1. I love it! She looks so cute, and I'm so happy to see the dress get a new life! :-)

    Happy dress-wearing!

  2. That is so cute!! I love your little town too. I wish I lived in a smaller town. Orlando is much to big anymore.
    Amy Jo

  3. Lily you've definitely made me one happy mama! Thank you for setting such a good example for the younger generation. Hugs, Merry

  4. Oh wow Amy Jo! I didn't realize that you lived in a large city. I do agree small towns are the best!:)