Thursday, June 5, 2014

Vintage inspired Thursday

Hello everyone!
Today I'd like to introduce to ya'll the best seamstress extraordinaire that makes vintage clothes fit like a dream.
 This lady's talent is beyond amazing. She can cut down the size of the pattern to make it fit perfectly  which was the case with this particular pattern.
 The best part? I get to go to church with her and call her my friend! I'm beyond thrilled with how this darling 1940 pattern turned out!
So without further adieu lets get on to the pictures of this lovely creation. ( the dress not me:) )
  I present to you ....Elisabeth Mitchell, one of the best seamstresses in the world! Isn't she gorgeous?
  I love her and she is very dear to my heart.



 Didn't she do a remarkable job? I think so too! Thank you sooooo much dear lady for making this for me! I can't say it enough how much I love it.
 Ya'll have a good Thursday and please come back to visit! Till next time, Merry 
Dress: made by Elisabeth Mitchell 
Purse: antique store
Shoes: consignment store


  1. That dress is beautiful, Elisabeth is a talented lady!

  2. Wow, she did a wonderful job! That dress is just gorgeous--and you look fabulous in it, as well!


  3. Thank you so much! I think she did too!:)

  4. Yes Amia , a talent I only can wish for!:)