Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Learning to skate

Katherine has been enjoying the beginning of summer. Enjoying learning how to skate. 
 She's still not very steady and has to sometimes have the assistance of her sister or me to give her a steady hand. Most the time she can somewhat stagger down our street without us. She is so very determined that I know she'll get the hang of it! I'm quite proud of my girl!
 This week ( tomorrow )our whole family will head to Texas for our church family camp. So if I get the chance I'll blog from there. If not, I'll be back next week.:)


  1. Oh, learning to skate is so much fun, I'm sure by the end of the summer Katherine will be flying down the street! Have fun at camp! :)

  2. Hi! Hi! Yes it's definitely fun for her! I have never learned to skate so hopefully at least she can add that to repertoire.:)

  3. Hello Mrs. Merry,
    Thank you so much for your visiting to my blog and your sweet comment :)
    I actually have wanted to do to my blogging ladies, but I live in Indonesia and I have no idea about to measure, maybe someday I will try to do it and I have no idea about wire money ( online money, so I just need to learn it someday) I still learn though that's why I havent decided to do this yet.

    Your girl is pretty :) and you both look cute together. I love having fun with my mom too and I wish I could learn about skateboard.

    I would love to be friend with you here.

    Enjoy the church camp!


  4. Wow Merry,
    She is a vision of you. Love, old fashion roller skates. Love, that you spend time with your girls and you are devoted to God. So glad to to read your blog.

    Be Blessed

    of snoodytots.blogspot.com

  5. Aww! Thank you Rosaline! I sheepishly admit she does kind of look like me. Poor dear! And thank you for stopping by to visit!

  6. Hi Devalina!
    That would be so neat if you did start your own buisness! I'm sure I'd be your first customer!( grin) as for skating that's something I've never learned either....and probably best I don't. I could just see myself breaking my arm which I need very much, ( or something like that) lol!
    I'd love to be friends with you here too! Hugs! Merry