Friday, May 23, 2014

A bad day

A few days ago I organized all my vintage patterns and boxed them up and set it on the couch. I was planning on storing the box under my bed( where a gazillion other things are) but somehow I got a little distracted as the little Birds started arriving. The box had a lid ( snapped firmly in place) baby proof right? Wrong!
 Lunchtime came, I fed them, cleaned them up, and sit down to eat my own lunch. When I hear the sound of paper being torn.... Well around here when you hear the sound of tearing paper it causes my ears to be a little alarmed. So I quickly jump up to investigate. To my horror serval of the baby birds are happily tearing my vintage patterns to shreds.  My temper was sparked. I'm ashamed to say I did some very loud communication. I marched the culprits to the corner and proceeded to to rant about meddlesome children. I happened to glance over at my oldest little Bird and the poor little guy,his eyes were as big as saucers. I'm sure he was wondering what had got into Mammy. It took me a few minutes to cool down but it is safe to say that no one went home with bruised bottoms.:) 
 It was a day that I went running to my Heavenly Father begging for forgiveness for attitude. Thank The Lord for clean slates. It's a new day. Hopefully today will be better.


  1. Oh we all have days like that! I have been in your shoes...I am very thankful we can run to God and start afresh!
    Amy Jo

  2. Amy Jo that's the truth. Thank God for forgiveness and loving me in faults and failures. I'm know we are not perfect but only through the blood of Christ.

  3. Oh no, I'm sorry about the patterns :( I would have been upset too, no worries, everyone has bad days.