Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A night with my Granmother

If you remember the post I blogged about my Grandmothers dress patterns, this is the dear little lady I was writing about. The lady my youngest was named after. The lady that holds so very dear memories for so many people she has touched.
 This post today is a tribute to my Grandmother. No she hasn't passed on to her reward. The way I see it, I think it's nice to pay tribute to those who are living ,and still with us until waiting until they are gone to say all the nice words.
 I am so blessed with the best of the best Grandmothers.
 This Grandmother is my Dad's Mom. She is the Mother to six children. I don't know the total of grandchildren and great grands? I have lost count a while back.... Even with the many grands that she had, she always makes me feel special. I love our connection.
  She is this little tiny lady that is right at four feet and eleven inches tall( she might have shrunk a little) I do feel so big when I stand next to her, and I am only five foot and two inches. She has these amazing little feet. I will include a picture of those dear little feet in a little bit. I think she wears a child's size 2. It was always hard for her to find shoes that didn't look to little girlish as she had to shop in the children's department. 
  One thing that my Grandmother believes is that she will be caught up in the rapture( the second return of Christ). She is now approaching her ninety third birthday. She still believes that and has never for one second wavered. She has taught me how to be a lady.  She is a prayer warrior, and I know she prays for each one of us.One of the best examples I know.
 A few nights ago some of my family took a sack of hamburgers out to her place and had a good old fashioned visit. 
 We all have our flaws ya'll and you can point them out ,but seriously I doubt if you will find a grandmother as sweet as ours!We love you dear Grandmother!

My daddy.Her oldest son.

    Bekah and my little Haven Today

My sister Anna, niece and nephew Kami and Zander

Sweet Savannah

John Paul and Ellieanna

My girls and their great Grandmother 

 The dear little feet. 

My brother John. Duck Dynasty has nothing on him!

Matthew and John

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