Monday, August 5, 2013

Farmers Market

Our weekend was great! For the the first time ever, the girls and I went the Shreveport Farmers Market. I have always heard how big it is, and boy, do they put on a spread! 

I was needing some organic beef and Mahaffey Farms has what I need, so that was my intentions of going in the first place. They didn't have any this past Saturday, but will have some when I go back on the 16th. Of course there were other vendors there selling there selling their meats, but I'm a loyal customer, I'll stick with Mahaffey's. They are super nice people! 

Then we stopped at the Coffee Place. This lady sells local trade coffee. It is the best! Here are the girls with their iced coffees! Yum!

The ladies selling lasagna were terrific too! I bought some for supper this week. Pure deliciousness!

This a freind for church, Sharon, selling her family's homemade fudge.

After the Farmers Market we headed over to Krispy Kreme and gorged ourselves on heaven on, who knows how many calories! And yes I enjoyed every single one. (Calories that is). 

We had a wonderful weekend y'all!!  


  1. Farmers markets are the best. they always have such a wide selection and everything is just so fresh I love it! Krispy Kreme is pretty great though too ;)


  2. That was a happy day! Thank you for liking my blog!

  3. Farmer's Market AND crispy cream! Sounds like a great day to me!!!