Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Day gowns

Did I confuse you? No it's not Wednesday. I always try to feature a little one on that day, but I couldn't wait to post this.
These are some pictures of a day gown I embroidered for the newest little birdie.
What!? A boy in a day gown!? But of course! It's my humble opinion that All babies should be dressed like babies.Yes I know I am a little old fashioned when it comes to how little people should be dressed.yep go ahead and say it I am a snob.(at least when it comes down to baby clothes)Please never take your dear baby out in public in just a diaper.
True confession: one time when Angel was very small,we had come home from a doctors appointment .She was hot tired and fussy.So I stripped her down to her diaper and church shoes so maybe she would be more comfortable, well in the mean-time my sister drops in and wants to know if I want to go to Walmart? I did need a few things so Ben volunteered to stay with Angel. I get to Walmart and head for the things I needed and then I hear a very familiar wail, yes coming strait for me. It is Ben with Angel, in just a diaper, bib, and church shoes. Oh horrors! I snatch my precious baby and race to our car praying no one sees us! Why did you come out of the house with our baby with just a diaper and a bib on? I asked. "She was crying and she wanted you." Was the answer. Pride? Um, yeah a little.


  1. Lol! That is a cute story and I love the day gown. Is this the pattern I was supposed to help you with? Looks like you got it done just fine! Aunt Elizabeth

  2. Aunt Elizabeth this is the dress I needed help with. I was looking for you after church and happened to bump into Marie, so I sent it home for her to draw the pattern on. Thank you for offering to do it!