Wednesday, August 14, 2013


As many of you know, I keep children here in my home. I thought that each Wednesday, I would feature an individual "little bird" here on Each Little Bird.
Today I am featuring Maddox. Affectionately who I call "cowboy". I wish you could be here to witness the way this little chap walks. He's got the cutest little bow legs you ever did see, thus his nickname "Cowboy". He is a happy little fella (well most of the time.) 

This is Maddox and his sweet mama.
Through the years of my ministry to the children, I have been so blessed to have wonderful parents whom I can call "friend". Maddox your mammy loves you very much!

Hope you have a blessed day!



  1. This is such a neat idea!
    Elisabeth M.

  2. Thank you, Elisabeth, I am not a very creative mind. But I'm trying! ;)