Thursday, April 17, 2014

Vintage Inspired Thursday

Well here I am again! 
 Today I've got a darling little Modcloth dress that I ordered not to long ago. The only thing wrong with it? It just wasn't long enough to suit me. I'm rather picky about my dresses and skirts not covering enough of my legs. So usually with the help of my seamstress there's a remedy for that. Just add some more fabric till I am happy with the length. So there you have it!

Dress/ Modcloth 
Shoes/ Stage


  1. I love the red, you look so pretty! I find that sometimes Modcloth's dresses are a bit too short for me too, adding the fabric was such a good idea!
    Hugs :)

  2. I love the dress!! It seems as if it is hard to find long enough dresses. I like it with the added length.
    Amy Jo

  3. Thank you both sweet ladies for the compliments. Have a wonderful Easter! ~Merry ~

  4. You look so awesome... I love the red on you. You look like you stepped out of a Glamour Magazine. Rosaline from

  5. Aww! Thank you Rosaline for the sweet compliment!~Merry ~