Friday, April 4, 2014

Button down 3 ways day 2

Well hello there!
We are back again to show you day 2 of button down 3 ways.
 Sadly Katherine's photos didn't turn out today but fortunately one did. So at least we got one.:)
  Oh goodness me! We have some gorgeous flowers that bloom down here in the piney woods of Louisiana! Azaleas, wisteria, yellow bells , just to name a few,are some the vibrant colors we are seeing right now.
Angel's outfit:


Katherine's outfit:

Have a wonderful weekend! I'll be back tomorrow to wrap up the button down 3 ways hosted by the lovely Boyer sisters. 
Angel's outfit: blouse/ Goodwill
                       Skirt/ Kosher Kasual 
                      Shoe/ from a friend
Katherine's outfit: handmade by Hodge PodgeyPaisley by Nancy
 My outfit: blouse/ handmade by Hodge Podge Paisley by Nancy 
                 Skirt/ handmade/ Goodwill
                Shoes/ Dillard's 
                 Kerchief/ antique store


  1. Beautiful choices again today ladies! Angel's skirt is so pretty and I love how the chevron and ric-rac complement each other in Katherine's outfit! I am still admiring the cute print of your buttondown and your blue skirt makes me think of blue spring skies!! :)

  2. wonderful outfit ideas! I love the cherries on your blouse.
    Amy Jo

  3. Thank you Amy Jo!

  4. I love this series of photos, you all look so pretty!

  5. Thank you Amia!:)