Wednesday, April 23, 2014


This past Friday being Good Friday and all, I had the day off. I really enjoyed my day. I treasure the moments I get to spend with friends. I rarely get to meet these sweet people and do lunch together, like when we were younger it did seem like we were able to do that more often. So now when we get the chance it makes it even more special!

Five little Kiddos got to come too! Aren't they the cutest?

 We ate lunch at Cheddars and they make a pretty mean Monte christo.


    Baby Janayah


 After lunch, we went to Hobby Lobby and tried to shop, not an easy thing to do with lively children in tow! There was a sofa there that I totally love! I had Savannah and Kayliegh to try it out for me.:)


Savannah found a little chair to match.
 And then I had Tyra, Ruth and Nan try the sofa out too!

Then we went to the park to let the rowdy little children burn off some extreme energy.
While us grown folks held down the park benches.
 After the park everyone thought going to get yogurt at Layoco was the next best idea. Yes, I enjoyed every bite!

I sure do love my friends!
 Tomorrow I'll share my trip to my Grandmother's.:)

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