Thursday, March 27, 2014

Vintage Inspired Thursday

Hello again!
Is your week flying by too? Today I'm sharing this cute sugar pink dress that I bought off of Etsy a few weeks ago. I like the spring colors. I'm trying to add a little more " pink" to my wardrobe ,as it is such a soothing color. Don't you agree pink is quite the girlie color?
 I was going to wear this to a wedding at our church this past Saturday but it turned out I wasn't able to go.:( So instead I painted my white picket fence. Don't you think the white speckles on my legs compliment  my pretty dress? ( insert a mischievous grin here) :) 

Dress/ etsy
Shoes/ Dillard's 
Belt/ thrifted


  1. Merry,
    I love your dress! Pink is my favorite color. I can never get enough of that color.
    Amy Jo

  2. Thank you very much Amy Jo! Pink is definitely one my favorites as well!:)

  3. I love your new dress, the floral print is so pretty! Good job with the painting, I believe the white speckles definitely go well with the dress ;)

  4. Ha ha! You really can't see them in the photos but they were definitely visible when I got through with the fence! The next day at church every could see what I'd been up too thanks to the evidence of those speckles!