Thursday, March 13, 2014


Last Friday my little Hankabuns was sick. This is how he looked. Pitiful for sure.
This week he's feeling better much to his Mammy's delight. Yesterday he was sitting on the floor playing sweetly and as I passed by he looked up at me grinned. That grin could stop a clock watch I'm telling you. He was so cute and being so sweet that I couldn't resist scooping him up and giving him some sugars. So as I proceed to to do that I notice something very vile and gross coming up his back all the way up to his neck. Oh yuck Hank! Bath time for you Buddy! I put the little messy fella in the tub and he came out smelling like the sweet baby he is. Uh oh no extra clothes in his bag! Is it time to break out the baby boy stash of clothes that mammy owns? So just look at this darling boy! That jumpsuit might be a little high water, Sshhh,we'll never tell!

See? I told you he was handsome! Of course he is! He's Mammy's Baby Bird that's why! Mammy lubs her Hankabunny,yes she does!

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  1. Thanks Amy Jo! He is that! Of course I may be a little partial.( insert wink):)